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The Marketeers “Keys 2 Success” package supplies businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs with a fully built package to create/correlate their listing directories and social media accounts. Provide customers with a single location management tool to help maintain online reputation and track success.

Everything your business needs to start growing!

The Marketeers Keys 2 Success


Are you getting in front of your audience?


Making your business visible to the community and building relationships is necessary in growing your business/brand. For instance, you may be attending business events locally or joining groups to help solidify awareness, but in 2019 this can only go so far.

Most importantly, having a presence online is just as important.

This is how The Marketeers help you with to boost your online and community presence.

Website Creation/Management - The Marketeers get your website working for you.

Whether you already have a website or need to get one started The Marketeers can help create winning contact and get your website working for you instead of you working on your website.

Directory Listings - We get your business on multiple directory platforms.

Get listed on top sites, including Google, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor and Citysearch, PLUS:

YP, eLocal, Whois, Locu Places, Merchant Circle, Judy's Book, MojoPages, Cortana, Swarm, YaSabe



Are you staying in front of your audience?


You probably have no issue staying busy and active as a business owner or entrepreneur, but how do you show your activity to your audience to stay fresh in their minds?

Maybe you could go door to door business to business or event to event promoting your business and staying current, however the reality is you can't do this and do your job as a business owner. This generates a question, how do we stay relative to viewers in this high demand society?

So, The Marketeers can help your business activity? YES!

E-mail Marketing - Create Campaigns sent by email to reach your followers.

Starting conversations and providing updates and news to your audience through a branded email will help your audience stay tuned to your brand.

Social Media -  Keep your brand relative and interactive.

Giving your business the ability to interact with thousands with a click of a button is a miracle of marketing, The Marketeers provide a platform to help schedule social media post, curate new post you can contact us for Social Media Management.

Blogging - Share your Ideas with the world!

Starting a blog or continually blogging is a great way for anyone to express ideas and share their thoughts with the community.  If you want new customers, want to engage followers or just need to spew some ideas into the world wide web, blogging is a sure fire way to get some views and interactions.




Do you know your audience?


Business Data is anything from how your customers react and engage with your website and online presence as well as Customer reviews.

People use online reviews to form an opinion about your business. 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey reports that:
52% are more likely to use a local business with positive reviews
58% of people trust a business with positive online reviews more
72% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!
More people are finding local business online and using online reviews to guide their purchasing behavior. As a business owner, online reviews give you the opportunity to manage your reputation.
Having the ability to promptly reply to this data is important at building connections and can make a break a referral.
How can The Marketeers help your business Understand and utilize data?

Analytics - User data from websites, social media accounts and listing Directories.

Receive a platform from The Marketeers that allows you to view all your user data from one single location so that you are always on top of your game.

Review Portal - See what your customers are saying about your brand.

Utilizing The Marketeer solution package is an easy way to review and interact with your customers reviews all from the convenience of one location.

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